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Kandil Pre-Painted steel products are used in multiple industry sectors. It can be used in building and construction manufacturing sector where profiles are used for wall cladding and roofing. It can also be used in suspended ceilings and lighting units. Pre-painted products can be utilized in various manufacturing applications. It can be used in Metal Furniture (Chair, Desk, Drawer, Bookshelf), White Goods fabrication (Refrigerator ,Deep Freezer and Washing Machine) and HVAC products (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) and in Brown goods, (Hi-Fi/VCR/DVD/PC Casing). The main key success factors for the Pre-painted are its strength nature, good form-ability and flexible surface designs with the unlimited number of choices for colors.

Products Specification

Kandil pre-painted steel products are multi-usage material with high flexibility to match the end-user requirements. We design the surface properties and colors to meet and exceed our clients' specific technical and aesthetic requirements. Kandil pre-painted products are being manufactured with the best quality of paints to give the longest times span for the surface and maintaining its shininess. The color used in our painting process it ensures the optimum adhesion of the coating and improved corrosion resistance of the underlying steel substrate. The substrate layer of steel is protected by galvanization..

The choice of the paint system depends on the environmental conditions in which the product will be exposed to and the technical properties required by the client's needs. Kandil pre-painted steel is allowing to choose from wide array of colors and different surface texture to satisfy their industrial requirements. Nevertheless, each product has its own specific properties and applications. The right choice for the desired surface is a crucial step that has to be made with a close collaboration with Kandil technical and sales teams.

Today, Pre-Painted Steel offers an exceptional breakthrough from the economical and technological perspective.

It can be considered as a turning point and success story for the steel industry.

Kandil Special Colors & The Paint Mixing Unit

"Kandil....Colors your Imagination; Just keep Dreaming"

Kandil owns one of the most high-tech paint mixing units which has the capability formulate both standard and non-standard colors with different variations.

The painting mixing unit is highly characterized with:
• Can manufacture, almost, any non-standardized color.
• Ability to match sophisticated customer color codes.
• Produce a small batch in a short time to reduce delivery time process.
• The technical team is always ready to offer a quick sample for our customers to speed-up the decision making process. • We are always keen to keep our clients' color preferences for future use and re-ordering process.


Pre-Painted Applications

Surface Texture Effect:

Surface Durability Types:

There are three types of durability coverage for the pre-painted surfaces:
- *** Ultra/PVDF Durability
- ** High Durability
- * Standard Durability

- Each type of durability has its own technical specs in terms of flexibility, surface strength, chemical proprieties,

UV resistance and warranty number of years.

- The substrates used for these applications are galvanized skin passed steel to acquire an excellent corrosion

resistance properties.

- Pre-painted steel products is available in various standard & non-standard color ranges.

Technical Properties:

Exterior Colored Cladding

Enormous Color Variety

Air Ventilation

Colored Whitegoods

Wood Texture Imitation

Storage Cabinets and Shelves

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