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Galvanized steel

Product Features:
1- Corrosion Resistance to the Atmosphere.
2- Formability: excellent zinc adherence and flake resistance due to the thin Fe-Zn layer.
3- Paintability: Galvanized steel is suitable for coating and producing pre-painted steel, and electrostatic paint.

Application Fields:
Galvanized Steel is used to protect the surface against corrosion.
1- Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel For Forming, such as what is used in Home appliances and air conditions.
2- Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel for Structural Applications: It guarantees minimum strength.

Surface Finish & Spangle Type:

- Normal Spangle: Spangle visually appears with normal size.
- Minimized spangle : Spangle appears with reduced size .
- Zero Spangle: Spangle is not visible.

** For specific range of Zinc weight and thickness, it has to be agreed upon prior ordering.

Surface Quality:
As per the EN 10346 Standard, the following types of surfaces are achievable:
- Coated Surface (A)
- Improved Surface (B)

Surface Treatment:
- Chromate
- Oil thickness is equal to 0.8-3 gr/m2
- Thin Organic coating (colored/ colorless)
1. More corrosion resistance
2. Anti-finger print quality (AFP)
3. Excellent post paint ability
4. Adhesion to PU foams
5. High lubricity for formability

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