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Cold Rolled Black Annealed

Black Annealed Properties:
Cold Rolled Black Annealed (CRBA), also known as "Blue Steel". CRBA is a cold rolled sheets that have been oxidized by annealing in a special installation in order to produce a very thin magnetite layer (Fe304) on the surface (less than 1 μm thick) for more protection.

Cold Rolled Black Annealed provide protection against corrosion for the parts whose surface is not protected by normal painting or any metallic coating processes. The magnetite layer can withstand moderate bending and drawing operations. The sheet surface is very clean and retains its attractive appearance during storage.

According EN 10130 & EN 10131 and As per Customer Requirement.


• All kinds of Steel pipes and tubes (Stove pipes).
• Lining of industrial bread ovens.
• Furniture & construction.
• General Steel usage where there is no need for further painting is required.

Recommendations for use:
The processing conditions for Cold Rolled Black Annealed are similar to those for cold forming.

Corrosion resistance (salt spray test):
Corrosion resistance is greater than that of uncoated cold rolled steel by around 6 times extra protection. 1 x CR : 6 x BS : 70 x GI

Could performing electroplating after scale layer removal through acidic solution process.

Electrostatic painting:
Cold Rolled Black Annealed is a moderate performance of direct surface painting. It is being coated either by normal or electrostatic process.

Surface quality:
Cold Rolled Black Annealed can be supplied with or without oil film.

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