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Logistics protocol

At Kandil Steel , we pride ourselves on being a solutions-based organization and take the time to understand each customer's individual business needs. At this moment we have opened all possible options, tools, technology, Rules &, etc. to enhance our services.

Export Shipment and documentation protocol
It should be attached to P.I. as an integrated part.
Standard Documents for all Export orders:
1. Commercial invoices (itemized)
2. Packing list(detailed)
3. Transport documents (B/L, FCR, TCN,... Etc.)
4. Certificate of origin (Arab league, Comesa , Eur1 , Eur-MED…etc.)
5. Mill Test Certificate

Terms and conditions:

  • for Third party/Governmental Documentation (BL, CO Transport documents and Certificate of origin)

  • 1. Transport documents

    Original Transport documents issued in accordance to buyers request provided that such request doesn’t contradict with governmental regulations, LC requirements and UCP600 (latest version), noting that for Bill of lading it must indicate a notify party in country of destination.

    2. Certificate of origin:

  • Arab league , Comesa , Eur1 , Eur-MED, form A) issued only by (The General Organization for Import and Export Control)
  • NOT by the Chamber of Commerce

  • Each form of CO has a specific validity area.
  • It should be issued to the name of Notify party/Consignee shown in its relative Bill of Lading.
  • Blank Certificate of Origin (to Order) is not available in Egypt.

  • 3. Documents instructions

    Documents received by buyer directly without LC must be at our end within three working days from P.I. confirmation or five working days from P.I. date.
    Documents instructions must show in details as per the following data:

  • Invoice Buyer’s name, address (same as P.I.) and buyers ref. (if any)
  • Description of goods (brief and general description without contradiction with P.I.)
  • Buyers bank details (if required- e.g.: CAD transaction)
  • Buyers mailing address (Including the PO Box – Contact person details )

  • Transport documents:

  • -Consignee
    -Notify party

  • Certificate of origin:

  • -Type (Arab league, EUR.1, Form A .. etc)
    -buyers ref. (if any)

  • HS Code (if required)

  • Any other ref. required by buyer’s customs to appear on documents

  • Any other documents necessary for material release in buyer’s country

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